Corner Boards

Kraft Paper Corner Boards, also known as laminated paper board edge protectors, promote the protection of your company's goods.

Their mechanical properties decrease vibration and distribute the tension of your freight, contributing to the safe arrival of your products. They protect your product against impacts and provide higher resistance and stability.

Our corner boards are custom manufactured to meet your requirements. Since we are a manufacturing company, we are prepared to offer competitive delivery times.

Corner Boards in Mexico

For the transport and storage of goods on pallets, corner boards are one of the most used packaging accessories.

  • Stabilizes your freight load.
  • Resistance against impacts at the edges.
  • Protects against damage from strapping and product handling.
  • Allows the vertical mounting of multiple pallets.
  • Reinforces cardboard boxes.
  • Saves transport space and costs.
  • Green friendly for being 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Crown Finish

Our crown finish is an excelent option to protect your circular products:

  • Coil: steel or paper.
  • Edges on circular furniture, tables and desks.

Crown finish corner boards in Mexico

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